Friday, October 29, 2010

The Skid Monster

Nooo, I didn't get a driving infraction and get sent to "traffic school" - I voluntarily went to 'skid school' to get prepared for some winter driving.

We were live in Edmonds with Defensive Driving School and they have cars outfitted with what looks like training wheels - BUT THEY'RE NOT! It's called a Skid Monster and it simulates skidding on ice, hydroplaning, taking a corner too fast, etc. It's crazy too. I come from a place with lots of snow & ice (I used to live in an igloo) so I know what it feels like to skid out when driving and device is no joke.


In the "skid car"

Check it out

JC Fawcett was my instructor and he had great tips on how to stay safe on the road this winter:

1. DON'T drive if you don't have to (stay home and have hot chocolate...okay and maybe some Bailey's...shhh don't tell... instead)

2. SLOW DOWN - where are you going in such a hurry anyway? Slow down so you don't fly off the road

3. Quit following so close - in good weather allow at least 3 seconds of 'follow-time' - in bad weather you should double that. Don't be tailgating ... it's just plain rude

With JC and Brett

The "Skid Monster"

They have classes for teens and adults. Check out their website for more info at And for goodness sakes ... stay safe out there this winter!


  1. Awesome!! Just as an update the Parking lot was STILL completely empty at 8:45 when we left. People need to Chill Yo:-)

  2. Did JC and Brett tell you why they like rule #1? It was because our mother drove into a ditch every winter because she psyched herself out with driving in the snow and ice. And as you learned, you drive exactly where you look. She just happened to be looking at the ditch and worrying about it every time she felt the car slide. Luckily, we have lots of experience with the skid monster and know where to look.

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