Friday, January 21, 2011

Yachting around

I spent the morning yachting around on a 7.2 million dollar vessel. Yea, I know ... that's how I roll :-)

We kicked off the Seattle Boat Show this morning aboard "SeaVenture" - a local yacht that is over 100 feet long with 3000 sq ft of living space. It was spectacular! 

Here are the specs:

- 9 bathrooms
- 5 showers
- 5 staterooms + 2 for crew
- granite counter tops
- spiral staircase (I mean, no boat should be without that :-)
- it can go for 1000 miles without re-fueling. That's from Seattle to LA!!

We were hanging with the folks from Hargrave Custom Yachts. These are people that you want to know.  They custom build yachts ... wow! They hold the key to my dream...l0l. My new goal ... get a yacht.

I was on this incredible boat all thanks to the Seattle Boat Show. For the past 64 years they've been wowing people here in Seattle with thousands of styles of boats, seminars on everything to do with boating, and lots of fun DIY projects to do at home with the fam (how would you like to build a cardboard boat or assemble a kit plane?). Much more about the Seattle Boat Show below, but first, let's check out that yacht!

The SeaVenture

The outdoor eating area

Where I would sun tan

Deliriously happy

Reading "Yachting Mag" - my new bible

Please let me have my own yacht

Check out this kitchen ... wooo eee!

The steering wheel in my car looks just like this one lol :-))

Where I would host fab dinner parties

Every boat needs a spiral staircase


Now what kind of yacht shall I pick? hmmm

Check out this bathroom!! His and hers

Micheal, myself & Peter - my new best friends

The gang and Lisa Samuelson

Writing my deposit check - I emailed this pic to my boss to let him know that I need a raise - say...7 million?

Enjoying some coffee in my new kitchen or as they call it on a boat ... a galley

You really should hit up the boat show. It's on for the next 10 days and will be tons of fun - I promise!

Visit for more info on how to attend.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

JUICING for Life!

So I met the most amazing man. He's a former NFL player, still plays racquetball, has great skin, and is sharp as a tack.  Did I mention that he's 87??!! INCREDIBLE! His name is Jay Kordich and he's the Father of Juicing. He's dedicated over 6 decades of his life to spreading the 'juicing message.'

Can you imagine eating 15lbs of carrots or other veg in a day? THAT'S CRAZY! But, if you juice you can get all of that natural yummy goodness into your body. And it will thank you for it. Jay has hundreds of recipes and natural healing remedies that have worked for him, his wife, his family, hundreds of professional athletes, thousands of clients, and so many more. If it works for them, it could work for you too! Give it a try.

The whole healthy crew

Trying out the juicer

Jay's amazing materials and learning guides

Jay and his wife Linda

All of the healthy goodness that you can drink

My main man, Jay. Can you believe that he's 87??
Check out Jay's website for more info

The Biggest Loser

Suzy, me, and Matt Hoover from The Biggest Loser

"Step out of line 1 more time Jim...I dare you"

The whole crew


I'm not talking about that dorky guy down the street that always calls to ask you out. Nope, I'm talking about the mega hit "The Biggest Loser" that millions of us watch every week. 

We were joined by two of the stars of that show this morning at Vision Quest in Auburn.

Matt and Suzy Hoover (both were on Season 2) joined me this morning to talk about the Pound for Pound Challenge.

It's basically like free money for our food bank. Here's how it works:

2. sign up for my team: 'Christie Johnson King5'

3. Pledge to lose how ever much weight you want to (you can pledge up to 50lbs and they will match that amount and give an equal amount of food to the food bank).

That's the best part - you could pledge to lose 50lbs and go ahead and gain 5. No one will ever know. 

Of course, I would like us all to be honest about this and get healthy, but the point here is to raise money for hungry Washingtonians. SO LET'S GET TO IT!

I WANT TO WIN THIS CHALLENGE FOR WA'S HUNGRY (all the money and food goes to Food Lifeline here in Seattle), SO PLEASE GO AND JOIN MY TEAM TODAY!

The Real Deal

So today we tailgated for real!! Cheering on our Seahawks baby! I had no idea that people were that hardcore at that hour of the morning. We showed up at Qwest Field at 6am - the parking lot was already packed with people grilling, playing games, and of course drinking. Whew. And I'm not talking hot dogs and hamburgers. People were making breakfast burritos, gourmet chicken, cookies, and jambalaya. I was told that someone had even done a turkey earlier in the season. That's better cooking than most people do at home. Wowzahs!

Some party goers

My blue "power ring" from Mrs. Seahawk herself

Serious tailgaters

New friends

Good times

The best part? The Hawks totally won and sent the defending Superbowl Champs home baby!

Hawk One Tailgating Champs!

We got the party started early on this "Blue Friday". I threw my own tailgate at 5:30am in the parking lot of Qwest was awesome! I invited the crew from Hawk One - the Seattle tailgating champs! They are off to Superbowl in Dallas to compete to be the best in the nation. I wasn't aware that there was a competition for stuff like this but if anyone knows how to party ... it's this gang.

The Hawk One rig is outfitted with 3 original seats from the Kingdome, a Ring of Honor that looks exactly like the one from the Kingdome (it's all signed as well), a locker room, signed memorabilia, and so much more. This is the way to party!

The Hawk One crew

They let me touch their championship trophy ... ohhh ahhh

Doing our best 'Hawk face'

Their sweet rig

Hand-crafted replica table

In the locker room - which also double as a bathroom

Behind the Scenes at Qwest Field

The Seahawks are taking on the New Orleans Saints and the folks over at Qwest Field are getting set for the big match-up. There is food to be cooked, lines to be painted, tickets to be given away.

We spent the morning there getting a behind-the-scenes look at what they're up to.

Don't screw this up Johnson, the game could be cancelled.

That's my best "stuffy reporter" pose

Heating up the field

if you've been to a Hawks game you've probably had a 12th Man burger. Delicious goodness that they create each home game. Executive chef, Jon Severson, designs a different burger each week depending on who the opposing team is. This week it's Cajun style. Trying to take a "big bite" out of the Saints. Get it? It was his line ... not mine. lol.

Me & Chef Awesome

The 12th Man burger baby

Recycle your Xmas Tree

Where does your tree go once it's filled it's Christmas destiny?? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I spent the morning at Allied Waste (the largest recycling facility west of the Mississippi) learning how it's done. They outfitted me with a hard hat (that had my name on it, thank you very  much!), some reflective gear, power tools, and the sweetest glasses you've seen since Napoleon Dynamite. I looked hawt (yes, with a 'w').

Check out my sweet swag

Who gave me a power tool? Not smart people, not smart.

Millions of tonnes of recycling


On the 'picking line'

The whole gang

Here's what I learned:

You have to strip your tree BARE. Don't even leave one tiny piece of tinsel on it or else they won't recycle it. Cut it into 4 foot pieces so that they can pick it up. And make sure that you check the website of your county's recycling center to find out what Christmas goods can be recycled (wrapping paper, greeting cards, etc).

Happy recycling!

Resolutions & Hypnosis

Christie & Kiomi keeping our NY resolutions

We look sweet playing racquetball
So we've all been to the state fair and seen the crazy folks that get on stage and "claim" to be hypnotized doing all sorts of idiotic things. Fools right? Well maybe not.

When thinking about what kind of segments I wanted to do regarding New Year's Resolutions, I immediately thought of hypnosis. So many people say that it's helped them quite smoking, lose weight, and who knows what else. I thought it would be fun to do it in front of the camera. Duh duh duh....

Kiomi Mount is a spectacular Psychotherapist that also specializes in Hypnotherapy. I went to her to help me drink more water.

Camera on. Christie lying on the couch. Kiomi with her soft voice. Ready. And so it began. And it totally worked! It was a strange feeling of being halfway between a dream-like state and reality. I was very conscious of the fact that a camera was in the room and that tons of people would see this. Luckily, I didn't reveal any of my dark deep

It totally worked and I am not proud to say that I am drinking A LOT more water! Thanks Kiomi!