Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween at the Aquarium!

We started celebrating Halloween early today at the Seattle Aquarium! The cuddly creatures are in for a great time this weekend ... as are all the people that are going down this weekend to take in the festivities!

I started the morning with Dr. "Gross" - I felt bad calling her that because she's actually a very nice lady that's been a volunteer there for 13 years. We made Spooky Ice-Toys for the otters made of blended up Pollcok ... mmmm yummy ...lol. She makes them in all sorts of shapes (pumpkins, ghosts, bats, you name it, she's got it). I asked to swim with the otters but was told that they would maul me to death. WHAT!!??? Those cute, cuddly little buggles? So I had to settle for standing on a ladder and dropping the toys over the side of their exhibit. They were my new best friends after I gave them their Halloween goodies.
Truly one of the highlights of my life was getting to be in with the Harbor Seals. I am the BIGGEST animal lover on the planet so getting to handle and be right there when the trainer BRUSHED THE SEAL'S TEETH was a huge deal for me. Barney (who just turned 25 last month) let us clean his teeth with a Sonicare electric toothbrush ... totally hilarious. Then we rewarded him with a fish so right back to the bad breath ... lol.
With Q (left) and Barney (right)
With my new little buddies
The ice-toys we made for the otters
Photographer Jim with "Q"
The Halloween Party happens this Saturday & Sunday at the Seattle Aquarium. Check it out! http://www.seattleaquarium.org/

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