Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Okay so some days I have a really tough job ... lol.

Today I was assigned to cover ... the PUMPKIN PATCH!  Now, truth be told, this was my first visit to one - we don't have them where I grew up.  I've got to say, I'm hooked!

We were at Craven Farm this morning checking out all of the crazy pumpkins - they carry over 20 varieties ... who knew that there were so many kinds????  I walked through the 13 acre corn maze (didn't even need my GPS), built a scarecrow (now there's a first), and did the best thing ever .... launch pumpkins in a giant slingshot! I'm totally building one of these in my backyard. If you live near me don't be alarmed when you see random orange things flying overhead. In fact, come over, bring some wine, and join the party!  All I could think about was that poor girl on the Amazing Race who launched one and it flipped over somehow and smashed her in the face. Thank goodness I still have all of my teeth. 

Craven Farm greeters

Posing with my photog Jim

The owner Mark & I mimicking the pumpkin faces

Don't ever shoot a close-up of me that tight again!! Run Jim ... lol

Craven Farm is free of charge and they have tons of stuff to do with the family. Take a trip out there before October 31st and get spooky!

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