Monday, October 25, 2010

Hogwart Express Pulls into Seattle

Do you like my new 'wizard' look?

The Hogwart Express has pulled into Seattle! HARRY POTTER: The Exhibition opens Saturday, October 23rd at the Seattle Pacific Science Center, and runs all the way through January. Fans of the wizard can get up close and personal with original artifacts, costumes, props, scenes and so much more ... including 6 items from the Deathly Hallows - it doesn't even come out until Nov 19th people!!
We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek before it opens to the public and it was suuupppppeeerr cool. I've got to admit, I've never really been a fan of that cute little British wizard. Not because I don't like him ... just because I've never bothered to read the books or watch the movies...pure Potter laziness. Well that stops now. I'm embarking on a little adventure of my own ... get up to speed on Harry Potter. I realized that I am really far out of the "cool loop".

With Bryce Seidl (CEO of Pacific Science Center). Do you notice that he's totally trying to steal my broomstick?

With the show producer, Mark A. Nichols ... well done!!

Just some of the cool stuff you'll see

More 'Potter' stuff

Seriously up close and personal.

The exhibit run through January at the Pacific Science Center. Tickets are available online at

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