Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Okay, so the kids are back in school and you are back to work after summer vacay ... now what do you do with fido? Have you ever heard of doggie swim camp? Yea, I hadn't either, but this morning I went to check it out and let's just say that I almost didn't come back to work. I think that I would make a great doggie swim coach ... maybe in my next life.

Spawz Dog is the only Seattle dog spa with a heated indoor pool. Now, I've been talking about this for years and many of you out there have looked at me sideways....I feel vindicated this morning! I'm telling you IT WORKS! Swimming and water therapy (including underwater treadmills for dogs that are older, injured, and rehabbing post surgery) is such a great way to exercise your dog in a safe way ... plus they LOVE IT!

So I swam with a pack of salivating pooches that started vibrating when they realized they were going to go in the pool. It was super fun ... I just hope they didn't pee in the pool ...lol.

My 4 month old puppy, Mocha Bean, also came to get his first swim lesson. He rocked the pool in his life preserver and looked super cute while doing it. Mama is proud of you little bean.

CLICK HERE for a link to the video of me in the pool with a pack of dogs - and my little 4 month old Mocha Bean learning to swim!

Getting my pic taken with the pups

Trying to swim with the pooches

The madness that is a pack of dogs in a pool

They were having so much fun!

Mommy & Daddy giving Mocha love after his first attempt at swimming

Mama bear and Mocha Bean

Fun with fido!!

Best job ever!

Looking hawt (yes I spelled with a "w") in my baggy wet suit and heels
For more info go to http://www.spawzdog.com/

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