Monday, October 25, 2010

Firearms Safety

Major Mayhem reporting for duty.

Insights Training and the West Coast Armory are giving back to law enforcement by holding a FREE Firearm Instructors Training Day. Over 50 officers from 25 different agencies - everything from the US Marshals to local police depts - will be there. They're doing all sorts of police work that's way over my head, but bottom line is that they are sharpening their skills & knowledge to keep us safe.

I got to fire some guns this morning. This was my first time and I am totally scared of guns. I fired a couple of different handguns and a rifle. Let's just say that I was shaking when I was done. My big mission this morning was to find out how I can get out of any upcoming speeding tickets... I didn't have much luck ... they didn't seem to want to play my game :-)

I'm learning from Stephanie Kerns of Insights Training

With my new law enforcement peeps

With Sarah and Stephanie

Trying to do things properly

I love that my glasses match my shirt ... totally unplanned :-)
Insights Training Center offers tons of course in self-defense and firearms training. Check them out if you're interested in any of that.


  1. What!?! That is a big slice of Awesomeness! Did you get to shoot that mammoth gun too?