Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seattle Thunderbirds

Rock em' Sock em'!

If you've never been to a Seattle Thunderbirds game ... YOU SHOULD! A lot of people might think that they have to go north of the border to Vancouver to find top notch hockey but that isn't the case. Washington State has 4 WHL teams (Western Hockey League) ... which is just one step below the NHL. You can watch the stars of tomorrow, TODAY, right in your own backyard.  In fact, the T-birds could have up to 7 of their players drafted in the top rounds this year. 

I showed off my mad hockey skillz this morning.  I know that the guys were shaking in their skates when I lined up to take a slapshot ... and then whiffed, almost threw out my back, and about died laughing.  They were seriously good sports and all of you should get out and see them play. 

The club is entering its 34th campaign  and is already off to a great start boasting a 4-2 record thus far.  They have a huge home game this Saturday (October 16h) against the defending league champions, the Calgary Hitmen. On a personal note ... I come from Edmonton and while Calgary is a lovely city to visit ... we hate them when it comes to sports ... BIG provincial rivals. So I'm going on the record saying that I'm officially cheering for the T-birds!

This is what a rink looks like at 5am ... lol

The crew

Instructing them on how things would go once we were "live"

The Seattle Thunderbirds!

For more info on the team of to buy tickets and check them out in person go to www.seattlethunderbirds.com

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