Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seattle Home Show

Did you know that you can use SPAM to polish your furniture? Yes I'm talking about that disgusting meat from a can. Have you ever thought of using peanut butter to shave your legs (and face ... no not my face ...I'm talking about a man's face ... I had my beard lasered off years or use the creamy breakfast treat to take scratches out of DVDs?? These are all of the wacky and weird things I learned this morning at the Seattle Home Show.

Joey Green joined me for the first two hours and he taught me all sorts of things like how to clean a toilet with Coke, I let him spread peanut butter (with a spatula) on my legs and shave them ... they're really smooth now! He also showed me how to clean my furniture with Spam ... you rub it into the wood and then buff it out with pantyhose. Weird, I know... but it works!!

I then met the "Wall Wizard" Brian Santos who taught me all about painting from the pantry. Things like adding 4 drops of vanilla extract to your paint to get rid of that yucky 'paint' smell. He also showed us how to use glue and chap stick to avoid getting paint on your windows and ceiling ... AND he showed us the greatest tip of all - getting your brushes clean! He had a 15 yr old brush that was like new. I could have put makeup on with it. You use fabric softener and it will be good as new. Fantastic.

They Seattle Home Show runs all weekend. Parking is free if you buy e-tickets or if you show up with a car full of 4 or more people. Visit for all of the info.

Joey Green & I - I'm trying out the Crisco anti-aging technique

Brian Santos & I

He's the "Wall Wizard" - hence the hat

Joey convinced me to shave my legs with PB - see the video above

Get your toilet spin & span with COKE ... who knew?

It totally works!
October 8th-10th

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