Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing with the Harlem Globetrotters

How did you spend your Sunday? Well, I spent mine showing off my mad basketball skillz in front of thousands at Key Arena. 

Okay, let me back up.  A couple of week ago, I had the Harlem Globetrotters on the show. It went well and I had a lot of fun. Before that even happened, the team had asked me to be their "special" guest at the game this past Sunday. BIG MISTAKE GLOBETROTTERS, BIG MISTAKE. Here's the thing, I have NO basketball skills in my bag of tricks. NONE. So the thought of playing basketball in front of thousands of people, against some of the world's best players gave me a migraine. 

My amazing teammates on the Washington Generals

I manned up though, put on the uni (and let me just say it's ummm...not the cutest thing I've ever worn. We should do something about getting cuter ones for girls), showed up to the arena, and put on my best smile. I had thought all along that I was going to be in the whole game. I was SO relieved to find out that I was only going in during the 2nd quarter. Whew. I can be a 'bench-warmer' - I'm so fine with that. 

So finally it's the 2nd quarter. I'm already sweating and totally nervous. They call my name and introduce me in front of the whole crowd. Great. Now everyone knows exactly who I am and who to make fun of on the blogs tomorrow. Super. 

"Special K" (my name is Christie "Can't Jump" Johnson) is who I'm supposed to guard. Ummm, good luck to Christie. He's 8 feet tall and I'm a whopping 5 foot 4 on a good day with heels. 

Do you see what I'm saying? 

Anyhoo, I tried my best to box-him-out (I think that's what they call it) and then it happened. 'Special K' says over the mic to the whole crowd, "Hey Christie, I think that you should try a 4-point shot." That's a new shot they're debuting this year from 35 feet out. I missed. Then with all eyes on me he tells me to try a 3-pointer. I missed that one too. Finally, he let me stand right under the basket ....and ... SUCCESS!! I made it! 2 points for Johnson!! 

"Boxing-out" ... or at least my version

Trying the 4 point shot. Granny-style

Check out my form...lol

Whoop whoop! Johnson for 2 baby!

Big sweaty hugs all around

THANKS SO MUCH to the Globetrotters. I had such a blast hanging with these guys! All of them were super nice and unbelievably hilarious. I would love to come back and play next year - I'm already working on my dribbling skills...lol.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

It's Random Acts of Kindness Week!

I hung out with a little girl today named Morgan. She's FOUR YEARS OLD - I want you to remember that when I tell you the following story.

Morgan's a little girl with a BIG vision. Morgan was driving under the West Seattle Bridge with her family when she saw some homeless folks and asked her parents what they were doing there. When she learned that they didn't have anywhere to live she became very concerned that they must be really cold. Seriously folks, this kid has heart. She insisted that she go home and collect all of her own blankets to bring back and give out.

Soooo..... FOUR YEAR OLD Morgan organized a Blanket Drive to make sure that those homeless folks can be warm. Wow. How many of you know a 4 year old that would dream up something like that. It's amazing. With the help of her Mom and Dad, she rallied the troops at her school (West Seattle Montessori) and started collecting blankets. Now she needs YOUR HELP!

Miss Morgan & I

Sitting in the fort that we built with donated blankets

With Mom, Lindy


If you want to help Morgan - and YOU SHOULD - you can donate new or used blankets (as long as they are clean) to Carmilia's Boutique in West Seattle (4528 California Ave SW).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Olympic Champion

Let me start by saying how doggone nice reigning Olympic Men's Figure Skating Champion, Evan Lysacek is! I wasn't sure what to expect when he arrived. He is, after all, an Olympic champion, runner-up on Dancing With The Stars, was just named USOC's Sportsman of the Year, and is ranked 82nd on the most powerful athletes list put out by Business Week. Whew, that's a long list ... and it's only the short version of this guy's accomplishments in the last year. Sooooo.... needless to say, I wasn't sure what kind of diva would walk through the door. You heard it here first people ... Evan Lysacek is down-to-earth, super funny, and was a blast to hang out with!

Funny story ... photographer Jim and I arrived at the ice rink about 5:40am - it's pitch black. I was getting my stuff out of the back of our SUV when a furry critter attacked the back of my legs. I screamed (probably woke up half the neighborhood) and heard a nice lady say, "Oops, sorry. Come back here Skeeter". It was Rosalynn Sumners and here adorable little pooch. She is the silver medalist from the 1984 Winter Games AND the original cast member from the Stars on Ice tour. She's local in case you didn't know and owns two stores over in Kirkland - visit them.

We were together today to talk about the upcoming Stars on Ice Tour here in Seattle at Key Arena. It's on Feb 25th and is going to feature some of the coolest, most amazing skaters on the planet. Current Olympians like Evan, and past superstars like Kurt Browning will all come together to put on a live skating show. If you are a skating fan, you can't miss it!

Evan teaching me his DWTS pose ... loves it!

A 'heel stretch' is the only trick I know ... Evan was totally holding me up

Ryan, Evan, me, Rosalynn, & Jimbo

We spent the morning chatting, joking around, Evan practiced his 'broadcasting skills' by interviewing me ... we just all-around had a good time.

Rosalynn & I doing some sweet tricks

Me hanging with some Olympians ... how cool is that?

He's being coy about his performance

My new Olympic buddy

Hey kids! You can win a skating party with Evan and Sasha Cohen + 50 of your closest friends by going to the website (below) and entering. Also, Key Arena is having a "free skating day" on march 1st. COMPLETELY FREE! Rentals and everything. You should check it out.

So between you and I, we pre-tape our noon segment in the morning (shhh don't tell anyone okay?). Here's a video of us getting ready to do it ... and of course I wiped out. Evan, quickly came to my rescue. Totally hilarious.

For more info on how to get tickets to Smuckers Stars on Ice, go to http://www.starsonice.com/

Hangin' with Harlem Globetrotters

They named me Christie "Can't Jump' Johnson. It's fitting. I can jump ... I just can't play basketball. I was live with two stars from the Harlem Globetrotters who schooled me with their mad skillz.

Curly Neal is the face all of you know (he's been with the club for 40 years!) and Rocket Rivers is a hot-shot new guy that was awesome. They showed me all sorts of great ball-handling tricks but they wouldn't dunk. Seriously boys? And you call yourselves Globetrotters? Totally kidding... it was 6am after all. I'm just glad they were both coherent...lol.

I'm actually going to play in their game coming up at Key Arena. Holy bad decision GT's ...haha. I have NO basketball skills so if any of you out there want to give me a tutorial, give me a shout. Hopefully they don't embarrass me too badly. They are a ton of fun and all of you should get out and see one of their shows in the Seattle area.

Spinning the ball with Curly Neal and Rocket Rivers

visit www.harlemglobetrotters.com for more info

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rockin' with the Dock Dogs!

I had the best morning ever! I was hanging out at the Washington Sportsmen's Show in Puyallup with the Puget Sound Dock Dogs! Maybe the cutest bunch of canines that I've ever met. So well behaved, eager to jump, and dressed to impress. One dog even came dressed in a Captain America swimsuit. Too funny.

The whole canine crew and their humans

I'm trying my hand at this

With a champion mule packer...who knew there was such a thing? I guess you never know when you'll have to pack a mule in a hurry!

Such a cute puppy and so soft!
The Washington Sportsmen Show is every year at the Puyallup Fair Grounds... check it out!

Fixin' Stuff

This morning I was wielding sledge hammers and grouting tools. Not my usual kind of tools. I usually have makeup brushes and microphones in my little paws. Nonetheless, I took this as a challenge to try and learn something, you know, increase my skill set.

We were live at Home Depot talking about their "Bathroom Event." Every Saturday they are holding FREE classes to teach you everything from how to grout tile to how how install a new toilet (ummm...gross).

I was okay but I don't think that anyone is going to be calling anytime soon to have me come and do home repairs for them...lol.

I was presented with my very own hard hat!

Is that not the cutest lil' hard hat you've ever seen?

Look out...

Look at me installing tile!

Wiping off the mud, or whatever it's called

Check your local store for a list of those free DIY classes