Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Art of the Tease

The Art of the Tease is sweeping the nation and the Northwest for that matter. I wasn't sure what I would learn, or have to wear for that matter, when I signed up to go and see what Burlesque is all about - but what I found was a group of people so comfy in their own skin that it put me at ease instantly. From the gloves, to the feather fans, and the pasties, (yes you read that right....pasties) the clothing was so feminine and beautiful. It really is a fun way for adults to play.

The Academy of Burlesque, in Seattle, is the longest running in the entire country and was founded by a charming woman named Indigo Blue - who by the way, has performed with Dita Von Teese ... she's a big deal you know! She met me this morning along with a crew of her performers to teach me what this sexy and seductive art form is all about.

This form of entertainment has been around forever and is now being used as a great way to get in shape and gain some confidence ... everybody needs more of that don't they?!


Practicing how to 'hold the peaches'

Don't think I'm actually getting the hang of it

Check out my awesome head-piece ... Vegas here I come baby!!

I bet your wondering why there's a man in the pic aren't you? Well, burlesque isn't just for the girlies.... it's also for the men out there. His name is 'Waxie Moon' and he's a performer and instructor with the Academy ... and he rocks! The Academy of Burlesque offers "Boy-lesque" classes and workshops too - get in touch with your feminine side!

Miss Indigo Blue is the most amazing hair stylist - she whipped this up in 5 mins!


The Academy of Burlesque is always accepting new performers of all ages and body types - YOU should take a class! Here's the 411 on how to do it:


- 206.47.TWIRL

- They offer classes for ALL bodies, ALL sizes, and ANYONE that wants to try. From folks in the process of fighting breast cancer to those in the midst of changing genders, they welcome everyone with open arms.

SIGN UP AND TAKE A CLASS and if you can't do that .... go and see them perform in the Blue Moon Cabaret this Friday (September 3rd) at the Pampas Room.

Make it a great ... and!!

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