Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Long Walk Home

Can you imagine walking 3000 miles? Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well one local man did just that. Jack Morris is his name and he's one cool cat. He lost his job earlier this year and instead of wallowing in self-pity he chose to use this time in his life to do something good for others. Pretty cool isn't it?

He hopped a flight to Jacksonville, Florida, went to Home Depot, stocked up on Rubbermaid bins and supplies to attach to his cart, and starting walking back to Seattle. Armed with a few maps and a GPS, Jack weaved his way through America pitching his tent in people's front yards, under semi-trucks, and even walking through a tornado - but he says it's all been worth it!

Jack (in orange) and his friends that showed up to walk with us this morning!

We were lucky enough to be joined by the Wubben family (from Montana) that are currently being treated at Seattle Children's Hospital. Aleesha and her mom Lori were lucky enough to meet Jack as he walked through Missoula. Lori says that she's grateful from the bottom of her heart and can't believe that a total stranger would care that much about other people's children. It was a very emotional morning....


Zach (Jack's son), Jack, CJ, Aleesha, and Lori - a great group!
JACK STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP! He is still short of his goal and I think that 'clicking' to donate some dollars is the least we can all do ... after all, he's walked 3000 miles.

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