Friday, September 3, 2010


It's that time of year again ... BUMBERSHOOT is here! It's North America's largest urban arts festival featuring talent from all over the globe. This morning I hung out with some of Seattle's homegrown talent that will be featured over this Labor Day weekend.

So I know I've said this in the past, but I really do have the best job in the world. Not because I get to be on TV, but because I get to meet some of the coolest, nicest people on the planet and today was no exception. It all started this morning with Youngstown Records - a youth driven record label committed to building community by empowering the voices of Seattle youth. Side note - these were the most polite and well spoken young people I have ever met!

These kids are so good that they caught the eye of some very important people and were flown to Washington D.C. to meet the President! They sing, rap, beat box, and so much more. You can catch them this weekend on Sunday at the Performing Arts Stage at 3:30pm.

My peeps from Youngstown Records

Have you heard of the Vicious Puppies? They're a local break dance troupe out of Arts Corps - very talented guys. They'll be performing this weekend as well on Sunday at 3:30pm on the Performing Arts Stage.


"B-boys" ... the Vicious Puppies
Arts Corps is a non-profit group that believes every child, regardless of financial ability, deserves the freedom to imagine and the courage to be. They utilize teaching artists to mentor youth in the arts. Very cool! This morning we were joined by some of those teachers who happen to have a group of their own called Air 2 a Bird ( and they are amazing singers. They will be performing alongside their students this weekend on Sunday at 3:30pm.

Air 2 a Bird - check out their website and download them on iTunes

September 4th-6th
Seattle Center
Make it a great day!

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