Friday, September 10, 2010

World Championships of Sand Sculpting

Who knew that you could do so much with sand and water! This morning I was live at the World Championship of Sand Sculpting in Federal Way and boy are these artists amazing! Although they were just getting started (so there we no huge structures built yet) it was still quite a spectacle. They brought in 79...yes 79...semi truckloads full of sand from the ice age. I'm sure your wondering "ice age Christie...really?"... but it's true. It's glacial till sand that was formed way back when and it's the perfect sand for carving.

Pics of the pros getting down to business (they put the sand in those boxes to compact it so they can carve into it)

They put me to work early. The moment I got there, I was handed a tool and told to get carving - it was still dark for goodness sakes! I made a King5 logo and I've got to hand it to those guys ... this was not an easy task. A huge shout out to Charlie Beaulieu for helping me with this!

My King5 logo ... not bad :-)

I'm super proud of my creation

Here's how you can check it out:
Location: Federal Way
Dates: Happening until October 3rd
Cost: $7.50 advance tickets
Times: 9am-7pm Mon-Sat & 10am - 6pm Sun

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