Friday, September 10, 2010


Get the lazy boy warmed up, fill up your beer fridge, and put on your comfy sweats ... the NFL season is starting up and this morning we were kicked it off with the Seahawks! We got to go where NO CAMERAS have been before with unprecedented access behind the scenes at Qwest cool for fans to see the locker room, training room, hot tubs, and the roof! A huge shout out to Suzanne Lavender and her team for hooking us up!
We started out in the Seahawks dressing room - the players only use this room for 10 games + post season each year. It felt pretty naked with no people in it (it was 5am of course), but that was kind of the cool part ... it kind of felt like we weren't supposed to be in there...hee hee...
This is Matt Hasselbeck's locker - it's the only one in the entire room that has a poster in it .... autographed by other players like Warren Moon, etc. So cool....a player AND a fan!
Different angle of Hasselbeck's crib...he is very neat & tidy
Logo on the floor

Quarterbacks and the kicker

After that we had to hustle to make our next live shot on THE ROOF! Holy scary! They outfitted us with safety harnesses to that we couldn't fall off ... oh yea, we also had to sign a waiver in case we fell and died... yikes!

The hardest part was climbing up there. A catwalk, a ladder, and tons of equipment - they tied ropes to our camera and other equipment and brought it up like kids in a tree house bring up their goodies in a pail. See here's the "go-live" we either need to be tethered to our live truck or somewhere that we can plug in to an outlet that gives us a 'live signal'. We of course didn't have that capability on the roof of Qwest Field, so we had to bring our portable gear (it looks like a cheerleading megaphone that we point at a TV idea how it works). We had myself to do the easy part (the talking) plus my awesome camera guy Jim (who finds himself in some crazy situations with me lately), and 2 engineers, Ryan & Bob, who hustled their little buns off to get us up there and ready to go in time - GOOD JOB BOYS ...MUCH APPRECIATED!

Anyhoo...I learned how to change out those colored lights you see when driving by Qwest. I, of course, broke one of the bolts ...figures...but we got it done and man it was awesome! Check out some of the pics! They told me that I was THE FIRST person in the history of Qwest Field to be on the roof in heels AND bring a purse up there! Wow...that's quite a honor to have bestowed upon


Our entire awesome team our harnesses of course!

Tethered to a huge steel rope ... high heels were not the best choice of shoe

Great views from the roof of Qwest!

There are still tickets available for Sunday's game! GO HAWKS!!

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