Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winterize Your Body

It's that time my friends...

Winter is coming and I can already feel my skin drying out like leftover fruit. Does that happen to you too? My hair gets brittle, my face dries out, and my heels crack. Sound familiar? Well ... I've got solutions for you! This morning I was live at Salon Voda on South Lake Union in Seattle learning tips and tricks to stay supple this winter. The crew over there is awesome and they are going to offer King5 viewers 50% off the "BioLustre" hair treatment until the end of November!! Get beautiful hair for Christmas!


Sheri & I getting our BioLustre treatment - my hair was hard as a rock!

Post treatment with Jesse - silky hair baby!

So after trying out the salon treatment we hooked you up with some awesome home remedies! Check em' out:

Dry / Cracked Heels: something we all deal with in winter (men...you too!)

- Take lotion or baby oil and slather it on your feet. Put a plastic bag over top of that and cover your feet with the fuzziest socks you can find. Go to bed. Do that for 3 days and your feet will feel like a babies bottom!

Men's Razorburn

- Men (and anyone else that shaves their face). Make black tea, dip a cotton pad in it, and dab it on your face where you would shave. Ahhh soothing...

Homemade Face Mask (you can use this on your hands too)

2 1/2 oz organic yogurt

1 Tbsp carrot juice

1 Tbsp organic honey

Tbsp ground almonds

1 tsp whole milk

Apply mixture and let set for 20 mins. Remove with warm water and moisturize. AWESOME!

Homemade Salt Scrub
- Olive oil & sea salt. Mix together and exfoliate your skin baby
** Try not to take super hot showers. I totally love them but they are bad for your skin. It strips moisture from your skin. Aim for a warm shower instead.
Check out the Salon Voda website or give them a call at 206.838.8632 to book your BioLustre Treatment before the end of November and get 50% off!!! DO IT - my hair feels amazing! No more hedgehog :-))

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