Monday, November 29, 2010

Home Team Harvest

We're kicking off the 10th Annual Home Team Harvest! Our goal is to raise 10 million meals in 10 million years. We're still 2.7 million short. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

I was live at the Northwest Harvest Cherry St. Food Bank location this morning. They showed me how they can feed a family of three for just 0.67 cents. Can you believe that? You can't even get a cup of coffee for that! They have big buying power from farmers all across the country that sell to them at big discounts ... they also rely heavily on donations from people like you.

With so many people out of work these days and losing their homes, it's more important than ever that we band together to do what we can to keep our neighbors fed.

We've made donating really easy this year. You can be in your bed in sweats or at your computer at work. All you have to do is text the word "Hometeam" to 85944 and a $10 donation will be sent - EVERY PENNY goes to feed hungry Washingtonians.

Do it. It's the right thing to do.

Pallets of food in at the Food Bank

There were many many people in line waiting for this food.

We need your help folks. Please donate today.

Make it a great day!

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