Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Back

Folks are pretty cynical these days, but every once in awhile you hear a story that warms your heart. Chef John Howie of Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar, in Bellevue, is giving back this Thanksgiving.

500 lbs of turkey
90 lbs of croutons
300 lbs of potatoes
300 lbs of yams
90 lbs of cranberry sauce
1200 dinner rolls

That's how much food he will be serving as he welcomes 600 guests (all from needy families that might otherwise not have Thanksgiving or dinner at all for that matter) into his restaurant for a 3-course sit down Thanksgiving meal. The 8th Annual Holiday Dinner offers needy families a fine dining experience. Many of these people have never dined in a white tablecloth establishment before, and Chef Howie doesn't make them line up. They are given a 'reservation time' and greeted at the front door as if they were regular paying customers.

The guy has given away 2-million dollars in gift certificates - truly amazing! Attaway Chef and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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