Friday, November 12, 2010


Okay, I got to perform and hang out with the cast of "Stomp" this morning! How cool is that??

The percussion sensation, Stomp!, has banged it's way to Seattle and boy am I excited about it! The hit show features 8 performers that play everything and anything that you would find in a junkyard or your garage ... brooms, garbage cans, poles, pipes, matchboxes, inner tubes, paint cans... you name it, they can make beautiful noise out of it! And between you and me, all they do is play...all the time. From the moment we got there until the second we left, they just wanted to play like we were kids on the playground ... it was awesome!


Stompin' it up!

Trying my hand at the garbage cans

Hanging ... literally, on the set of Stomp!

I feel like the luckiest girl!

Catch the show this weekend at the Paramount Theatre until Sunday, November 14th. Check out for show times and to purchase tickets. Don't miss this show ... it's so worth it!

Happy Friday everyone!

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