Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's Get Fit!!

Feeling out of shape? Too busy to hit the gym? Don't want to spring for a trainer?

While there's no doubt that the best way to keep accountable and on track is to have a trainer, many of us either don't want one, can't afford one, or don't have the time to get to their particular gym.

I'VE GOT SOLUTIONS FOR YOU! Imagine if you could click a button on your Smart phone and get in shape? Okay, well it's not that easy, but it's still pretty simple. There are thousands of Apps out there to download (some free, others are very reasonable) that have personalized workouts, videos, pictures of the exercises, and explanations to keep you motivated and moving - and we all need more motivation! You can do this on your living room floor for goodness sakes!

Not only are there workout apps, there are also nutritional apps as well that count calories, track hydration levels, calculate your BMI, and keep you accountable for what you're putting into your body and what you need to put more of into you body. Get it?

We were at Seattle Strength & Performance this morning with Trainer Jaison and Trainer Jay who are both awesome but totally crazy (in a good way). They kicked my rear end but everything that they had me do really worked. If you want a personal trainer GO SEE THEM!


Pushing the sled ... what am I trying out for the Seahawks?

Showing the peeps how these Apps work

'Working on my fitness'

Gettin er' done

Oh dear ...

Jay, Jaison, & Amber

I'm pooped ... ugh

Taking out my agression - a sledgehammer does wonders for the phsyche
Here's a list of some of the best Apps:
1. iFitness - $1.99. Good general all-around app
2. Gym Buddy - $1.99. A workout log to record your sets
3. WalkMeter - $4.99. PPuts your walk on a GPS and records all the stats
4. Go Pedometer - $0.99. Best pedometer on the market
5. Ian Gaines' Bootcamp Workout - $1.99. Total workout (not for beginners)
6. Daily Burn - FREE. Nutritional log
If you want a personal trainer, visit the boys over at Seattle Strength & Performance
Make it a great day and go get fit!

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