Friday, August 13, 2010

Taste of Edmonds!


What a great morning! A huge THANK YOU to the crew out at The Taste of Edmonds, my photog Jim and I had a great morning!

From how many porta-potties they bring in (now there's info that everyone needs!) to how much power it takes to run an event like this, we learned everything about the logistics of putting on an event of this magnitude. But the best part by far was the eating. We hung with the folks from Epulo Bistro in Edmonds and they fed us up a storm. Epulo means "a guest with a sumptuous feast" and boy wasn't that the truth! We cooked up some lamb skewers and ate pan de carmelo and truffle popcorn - it was all delish!

CLICK HERE to watch Shubert Ho (the executive chef) teach me how to grill up the kabobs!

"The crew" - Shubert, Tim, me, & Stesha

The crazy good pan de carmelo

I also got to pretend that I was on a Nascar pit-crew. Okay, so I'm not good at lug nuts...whatever. It took me over 10 seconds to "change" the tire... would've totally cost him the I also had a tough time getting into the car - the Verizon Dodge 12. Who makes a girl in heels and tight shorts climb through the window? Geez :-) In all seriousness, Jason Huddlestun was awesome and I had a great time...thanks a bunch!

I successfully made it through the window!

Here's the 411 on the Taste of Edmonds:

  1. August 13-15th

  2. Times: 11am - 10pm (Fri & Sat) and 11am - 7pm (Sun)

  3. Civic Playfield, Edmonds

  4. $3 to get in. Beer will cost ya extra!!


  1. Love these local highlights! Christie is as delightful and charming as she interacts with the WIDE variety of Seattle folks she discovers doing all kinds of things! What a great way to add to the news of the day!

  2. Hey Christie! It's Shubert, hope you're still hungry because you're going to have to come back for more skewers after you pickup the spotlight that you forgot!! Call me if you have any questions! 2065885148