Thursday, August 5, 2010


How many people can say that they have flown at 7 G's? I CAN! Get your ear-plugs out cause you're gonna need 'em this weekend! All eyes will be on the sky in the next couple of days as Seafair comes to a culmination with the Air Show over Lake Washington! The Blue Angels landed in town on Tuesday night, but earlier that day I was lucky enough to fly with Lieutenant Colonel John Klatt of the Air National Guard (he is an F-16 pilot as well) and he took me for an awesome spin....literally.
Classified Info:
1. Callsign: Blondie
2. 4: the number of times I got sick

My new best friend, John Klatt

My sweet 'lid' for the flight

The amazing aerobatic plane

I must admit that I was pretty cocky when I got there. I thought "I've been on a ton of roller coasters in my life, this should be a piece of cake." I just thought it would be a fun and exciting ride. I told him not to give me the 'reporter treatment' - I wanted a real ride...really give it to me. So he did. Then I got sick...4 TIMES! It was worth it though as I don't think that I will ever again experience something so thrilling. John has the best job in the world and I think that I have the second best job for getting to go up with him.

CLICK HERE to see video of my flight - it's AWESOME!!

Get down to Seafair's Air Show over Lake Washington this weekend and check out all of the high-flying action! The Blue Angels are here, John Klatt will be nose-diving toward earth, and I will be safely on the ground cheering for all of them.

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  1. Great report! We could live that ride through you - have watched the 4th of July Commencment Bay air shows from the water for years, but never had the upclose insight into who does these performances and how it must feel. Love the variety of your shows - seeing positive news is such a good change!