Friday, January 21, 2011

Yachting around

I spent the morning yachting around on a 7.2 million dollar vessel. Yea, I know ... that's how I roll :-)

We kicked off the Seattle Boat Show this morning aboard "SeaVenture" - a local yacht that is over 100 feet long with 3000 sq ft of living space. It was spectacular! 

Here are the specs:

- 9 bathrooms
- 5 showers
- 5 staterooms + 2 for crew
- granite counter tops
- spiral staircase (I mean, no boat should be without that :-)
- it can go for 1000 miles without re-fueling. That's from Seattle to LA!!

We were hanging with the folks from Hargrave Custom Yachts. These are people that you want to know.  They custom build yachts ... wow! They hold the key to my dream...l0l. My new goal ... get a yacht.

I was on this incredible boat all thanks to the Seattle Boat Show. For the past 64 years they've been wowing people here in Seattle with thousands of styles of boats, seminars on everything to do with boating, and lots of fun DIY projects to do at home with the fam (how would you like to build a cardboard boat or assemble a kit plane?). Much more about the Seattle Boat Show below, but first, let's check out that yacht!

The SeaVenture

The outdoor eating area

Where I would sun tan

Deliriously happy

Reading "Yachting Mag" - my new bible

Please let me have my own yacht

Check out this kitchen ... wooo eee!

The steering wheel in my car looks just like this one lol :-))

Where I would host fab dinner parties

Every boat needs a spiral staircase


Now what kind of yacht shall I pick? hmmm

Check out this bathroom!! His and hers

Micheal, myself & Peter - my new best friends

The gang and Lisa Samuelson

Writing my deposit check - I emailed this pic to my boss to let him know that I need a raise - say...7 million?

Enjoying some coffee in my new kitchen or as they call it on a boat ... a galley

You really should hit up the boat show. It's on for the next 10 days and will be tons of fun - I promise!

Visit for more info on how to attend.



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  1. Christie you need a skipper? Onething I notice in the His/Hers bathroom, more hers with all the mirrors Lol:)Bon Voyage. Goodluck on that 7 million dollar raise. Told my boss and he was compliplating on a 7 cent raise.