Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recycle your Xmas Tree

Where does your tree go once it's filled it's Christmas destiny?? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I spent the morning at Allied Waste (the largest recycling facility west of the Mississippi) learning how it's done. They outfitted me with a hard hat (that had my name on it, thank you very  much!), some reflective gear, power tools, and the sweetest glasses you've seen since Napoleon Dynamite. I looked hawt (yes, with a 'w').

Check out my sweet swag

Who gave me a power tool? Not smart people, not smart.

Millions of tonnes of recycling


On the 'picking line'

The whole gang

Here's what I learned:

You have to strip your tree BARE. Don't even leave one tiny piece of tinsel on it or else they won't recycle it. Cut it into 4 foot pieces so that they can pick it up. And make sure that you check the website of your county's recycling center to find out what Christmas goods can be recycled (wrapping paper, greeting cards, etc).

Happy recycling!

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