Thursday, January 20, 2011

Resolutions & Hypnosis

Christie & Kiomi keeping our NY resolutions

We look sweet playing racquetball
So we've all been to the state fair and seen the crazy folks that get on stage and "claim" to be hypnotized doing all sorts of idiotic things. Fools right? Well maybe not.

When thinking about what kind of segments I wanted to do regarding New Year's Resolutions, I immediately thought of hypnosis. So many people say that it's helped them quite smoking, lose weight, and who knows what else. I thought it would be fun to do it in front of the camera. Duh duh duh....

Kiomi Mount is a spectacular Psychotherapist that also specializes in Hypnotherapy. I went to her to help me drink more water.

Camera on. Christie lying on the couch. Kiomi with her soft voice. Ready. And so it began. And it totally worked! It was a strange feeling of being halfway between a dream-like state and reality. I was very conscious of the fact that a camera was in the room and that tons of people would see this. Luckily, I didn't reveal any of my dark deep

It totally worked and I am not proud to say that I am drinking A LOT more water! Thanks Kiomi!

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