Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taking Flight!

So for my first day at KING 5 I got to do something that so many of us dream of.... FLY! Seriously ... and not in an airplane. That's a pretty cool way to start a new job, don't ya think? I went to the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts to learn to fly on the trapeze. Yup, that's right .... I was dangling 100 feet in the air all mic'd up, camera on, "don't look scared Johnson", be professional, don't crash and nail these tricks!

Watch the video! And yes, that chalk got there accidently.

I was lucky enough to be paired with my awesome photog, Jim, who you'll get to know much better as this blog goes along. On KING 5 News we work as a team with one camera person and a reporter. Our first morning together had a bit of a hairy start. Here's the deal with live TV - you never know what's going to happen (that's kind of the exciting part). Jim had to cover a story in Tacoma that morning at 3am and we knew it would be tight for him to make it back up to Seattle, grab me, and get to SANCA in time for our first live hit of the morning, at 5:20am. Tires screeching, Jim rolled by the King 5 studio with just moments to spare. I leaped into the moving vehicle (well, not exactly 'moving' but there were a fair share of nervous glances towards the clock!). We raced to the warehouse district, and while we were walking into the building I could already hear the producers in my ear giving me time cues that they were coming to me momentarily. Jim, the consummate pro, quickly assembled the gear and had the live truck up and running as I smeared on my lip gloss [difficult enough at a) that hour, and b) before Starbucks is open!] Yet, I hope none of you noticed any of this as I walked the tightrope without breaking my ankle. I'd call that successful! (Or at least I didn't have time to get nervous!)

What a fun morning -- thanks so much to the SANCA CREW, in particular Jo Montgomery and Chuck Johnson -- and congratulations on the One Year Anniversary of your Flying Trapeze facility! FYI - Every first Friday of the month is "Casual Flyday" where you can go and swing on the trapeze for just $5. Do it!



  1. I LOVE THE BLOG! You did fabulous on your first "live" day for KING 5 - I would have never guessed that you were flying in at the last minute (no pun intended). :) Look forward to following you on here!

  2. Great tribute to Milk Chocolate on today's show. I was moved to squeeze Hersheys Chocolate syrup into my coffee. Can't wait for more reports from you!