Wednesday, July 28, 2010

National Milk Chocolate Day!


Okay this is the coolest holiday ever! Alright, maybe 'Everyone wins the Powerball Lotto Day' might have a slight edge on the awesome meter but Milk Chocolate Day is pretty sweet ... no pun intended.

Click here to see some video of us celebrating this morning!

I celebrated this grand holiday at Theo Chocolate in Seattle with Joe Whinney and Becca Fugate. It's the first and only certified organic & free trade chocolate factory in the United States and produces some of the best chocolate this side of Switzerland! Interesting flavors, neat combos, and cool products are just some of the things this progressive company offers - they're also incredibly socially conscious (read more about that on their website - the link is above).
The "Big Daddy" of all bars - it's a delicious s'more chocolate
Don't forget to celebrate S'mores Days from Aug 13th - 15th at Theo Chocolate


  • Did you know that you'd have to eat more than a dozen chocolate bars to get the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee?
  • Chocolate is a great source of energy. 1 chocolate chip can provide enough energy for an adult to walk 150ft - that has to be my new workout food!!
  • People spend more than $7 billion dollars a year on chocolate
  • The average person consumes 12lbs of chocolate each year - yikes!
  • Milk chocolate is the most preferred chocolate, however dark chocolate is especially popular with men
  • In the movie "Psycho" chocolate syrup was used for blood in the famous shower scene


  • First, use your eyes - look for color and shine.
  • Then use your fingers - break off a should hear a distinctive 'snap'
  • Next is your nose and capture the aromas. It should smell like deep, rich chocolate, with fruity, floral or sugary (caramel) aromas.
  • Finally, just EAT IT! Bite off a small piece and put it on the roof of your mouth, let it melt. Notice the finish and the way it feels in your mouth.
  • Then just enjoy - it's supposed to be fun!

Finally, click here for some of the best chocolate recipes. Try them with your friends and family and be sure to let me know how they work out!

Thanks again to Theo Chocolate for showing us such a great time today and filling our tummy's with chocolate!

Have a 'SWEET' day!


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