Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sandwich Brigade

I was on sandwich duty. 2600 sandwiches to be exact.

We were live at the NW Harvest Cherry Street Food Bank location making turkey and cranberry/ cream cheese creations to feed Seattle's hungry. It felt good.

So many of us think about giving back but never get around to it. I'm too busy, I don't know where to do it, how do I start? Several volunteers get together for 3 hours per week to make sandwiches (they make 2600 per week) that go into bag lunches for people that otherwise wouldn't get lunch. In fact, that might be their only meal of the day.

Well it's easy to give back this year. King 5's Home Team Harvest is this Saturday and we're aiming to raise 2.7 million meals. We'll all be scattered around the Puget Sound area at different locations (check for those) collecting food but even before that, YOU CAN DONATE. Text the word Hometeam (one word) to 85944 and it will send a $10 donation. Do you know how many sandwiches that can make? 50!!!


Check out all that bread!

Sandwiches, sandwiches, & more sandwiches

Sandwich Brigade
What a great morning!

Please donate today! Text the word "Hometeam" to 85944

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