Friday, December 3, 2010

Hitting the streets

Coinstar is one local company that's putting it's 'coins' where it's mouth is.

We are in the final push of Home Team Harvest and we hit the streets this morning to drum up some more support! We're trying to raise 2.7 million meals for hungry Washingtonians and I have faith that we're going to do it thanks to people like you!

What company do you know that would send it's President and a whole team of people to stand on the street corner at 6am and ask people for money? COINSTAR did! And they were awesome.

Coinstar is going to match EVERY SINGLE CENT donated through their Big Green Machines on Saturday, December 4th around the state of Washington. That's huge. They also agreed to match the money we were able to collect this morning (not to mention, they gave folks a free Red Box code for helping us out).

We were at Westlake Center and I must say, people were very generous with us. We need YOU to be generous too! Please come see us tomorrow (Sat, Dec 4th) all around the Puget Sound at different malls (check for those locations) and bring what you can. Food donations and money will all be happily accepted. It only takes Northwest Harvest 0.67 cents to feed a family of three. Donate a buck and you've already fed one and a half families. Well done!


Me & Mr. President, Mike Skinner

A generous commuter

The AWESOME team from Coinstar!!!
Thanks for coming out this morning - we really appreciate the support!
Text the word "Hometeam" to 85944 to make a $10 donation. That 10 bucks can feed 45 people ... that's huge! We need you Washington!

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