Friday, December 3, 2010

Holy Cow!

I just found out that our little adventure this morning with Coinstar on the streets of Seattle raised $131. Coinstar is going to match every penny. That means ....

$131 x 2= $262

Northwest Harvest can feed a family of three people for just 0.67 cents ... sooooo...

$262 / 0.67 = 391 (That's 391 FAMILIES)

391 x 3 people in each family = 1173 people

WE FED 1173 PEOPLE TODAY IN JUST 2 HOURS!!! Or ... dinner each day for a family of three for over a year

NOW THAT'S MATH I CAN GET ON BOARD WITH!!  Every little bit counts. It doesn't take very much to make a difference. 

Great job Coinstar and people of Seattle - I'm SO proud of us! 

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