Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing with the Harlem Globetrotters

How did you spend your Sunday? Well, I spent mine showing off my mad basketball skillz in front of thousands at Key Arena. 

Okay, let me back up.  A couple of week ago, I had the Harlem Globetrotters on the show. It went well and I had a lot of fun. Before that even happened, the team had asked me to be their "special" guest at the game this past Sunday. BIG MISTAKE GLOBETROTTERS, BIG MISTAKE. Here's the thing, I have NO basketball skills in my bag of tricks. NONE. So the thought of playing basketball in front of thousands of people, against some of the world's best players gave me a migraine. 

My amazing teammates on the Washington Generals

I manned up though, put on the uni (and let me just say it's ummm...not the cutest thing I've ever worn. We should do something about getting cuter ones for girls), showed up to the arena, and put on my best smile. I had thought all along that I was going to be in the whole game. I was SO relieved to find out that I was only going in during the 2nd quarter. Whew. I can be a 'bench-warmer' - I'm so fine with that. 

So finally it's the 2nd quarter. I'm already sweating and totally nervous. They call my name and introduce me in front of the whole crowd. Great. Now everyone knows exactly who I am and who to make fun of on the blogs tomorrow. Super. 

"Special K" (my name is Christie "Can't Jump" Johnson) is who I'm supposed to guard. Ummm, good luck to Christie. He's 8 feet tall and I'm a whopping 5 foot 4 on a good day with heels. 

Do you see what I'm saying? 

Anyhoo, I tried my best to box-him-out (I think that's what they call it) and then it happened. 'Special K' says over the mic to the whole crowd, "Hey Christie, I think that you should try a 4-point shot." That's a new shot they're debuting this year from 35 feet out. I missed. Then with all eyes on me he tells me to try a 3-pointer. I missed that one too. Finally, he let me stand right under the basket ....and ... SUCCESS!! I made it! 2 points for Johnson!! 

"Boxing-out" ... or at least my version

Trying the 4 point shot. Granny-style

Check out my form...lol

Whoop whoop! Johnson for 2 baby!

Big sweaty hugs all around

THANKS SO MUCH to the Globetrotters. I had such a blast hanging with these guys! All of them were super nice and unbelievably hilarious. I would love to come back and play next year - I'm already working on my dribbling skills...lol.

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