Monday, September 12, 2011

July Highlights


1. THE DIRTY DASH! Who doesn't love a good mud puddle? I know I do! This day I went jumping in them and didn't even get in Welcome to the Dirty Dash!

2. BEE KEEPING! I was live with a QUARTER MILLION BEES...yikes! I'm the chica screaming like a little girl whenever one comes around. Not good.

3. I GOT A FLIGHT LESSON!! This was beyond cool. In honor of the 1st American woman to earn a pilot's licence, Harriett Quimby, I got to take a flight lesson. Check it out.

4. WORKING ON MY "SEXY GRUNT" ...HEE HEE HEE. A bunch of pro tennis players were in town for a tourney and I was wondering why they have to be so dang loud when hitting such a small ball. I got to the bottom of it.

5. I GOT CRABS! Yup, it's true...that just happened. I caught 5 of them Click below to see what went down.

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