Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TNA Wrestling


TNA Wrestling was in town on Friday but we got a sneak peek at what the show would hold for fans. Whoa! The thing I was most impressed with was their low low low voices. I think they teach that in wrestling school ... lol. I've never really been sure about the "sport" of wrestling - the characters these guys & gals play are always so in-your-face. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice all three of the peeps that showed up were.

We were joined by BEER MONEY and ANGELINA LOVE. They are normal folks except that they beat people up for a living. I asked them if the whole thing was "fake", they scoffed and then punched me in the mouth. Just kidding. They explained that there's some choreography & "storylines" - NO WAY??!! - involved but that they do actually fight and get injured (imagine a 250lb guy landing on you even if it is planned ...OUCH!). Okay, point taken.

Jimbo getting pinned by Angelina Love ... notice the grin on his face

Think these belts would go with my jeans?

Beer Money, Angelina Love, Jim, & I

The gang

Getting ready to "go live"

What are you lookin' at?

Somebody call for help!

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  1. It's not called a sport but it is sports entertainment. my husband refers to it as a man's soap opera, which makes sense you have the love interests-battles-victories-competition and developing story lines. if you look at it this way makes it enjoyable